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We provide high quality products at a lower cost to improve your cleaning efficiency. You can find all Janitorial Supplies at one place with special discount offer for a limited period of time. Don’t miss the opportunity…


We are offering recyclable best-quality cleaning accessories at a lowers price for a limited period of time. Our products will increase your cleaning efficiency & save time & effort. We are offering Spring Pipe, Fresh Wave, Air Freshers, Ciclone Product Brush, Bissell Tank, Dust Brush, Hoover Replacement Actuator Arm, Filter, Water Tank & Many more. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Increase cleaning efficiency & save time for your cash-cow project. We provide Branded vacuum cleaner including Bissell Turbo Cordless Floor Sweeper, Vaporetto Steam Mop, Ciclone vaccum cleaner, Cordless Broom Vacuum Cleaner, & EcoVac. 


Buy the best heaters of the market using a cutting edge PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) element that heats the air efficiently without drying it out. It purifies your air with PCO technology that features a high power germicidal UVC bulb. This bulb creates a purifying plasma that reduces mold, bacteria, and viruses (even on surfaces) so the months spent with doors and windows closed no longer means months spent in a stuffy indoor environment.

Floor Polisher

The powerful, lightweight Floor Mop from reliable naturally sanitizes hard floor surfaces and carpets with the power of steam. Your floors will be spotless, and you won’t have to use harsh chemical floor cleaners for a great result. Cleaner that combines the strength of steam, generated by a high pressure boiler, with a practical steam mop, thanks to the Vaporforce brush.

Carpet Extractors

Cleaning System – the MR-750 Ottimo is the ultimate in steam cleaning for heavy-duty home use or light-duty commercial use. ottimo, which means “ultimate” in Italian, perfectly descrIbes the performance and power of the MR-750 Ottimo. years of development and customer feedback went into the development of the Ottimo to bring commercial power to a machine in a small light package. Spills, pet stains, spots, and odors are easier than ever to remove from carpeting, upholstery and furniture with two operating modes built into one easy to use appliance.

Why Choose Us?

We are a USA based Janitorial Suppliers providing best quality cleaning equipment to increase efficiency at a huge discount for a limited period of time. We are environmentally concern company most of our products are eco-friendly & recyclable. Our products will reduce your physical pressure & save time to invest in money making projects. We ensure Fast delivery services for all of our products. 
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