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Ciclone Product Brush Home Products: CI-242



Ciclone Home Products: CI-242

Buffing Pads, Four Mop Pads + Two Wax Pads Per Pk


This package provides four extra mop pads plus two extra buffing/waxing pads to allow cleaning of larger hard floor areas. These include hardwood, marble, vinyl, and ceramic tile surfaces. The extra mop and buffing pads allows you replacements and/or “back-ups” for between wash cycles.

  • Includes 4 mop pads and 2 buffing/wax pads
  • For use with Ciclone Floorcare Mop 880 and 890
  • Engineered to effectively clean all type of hardwood floors
  • Machine washable and reusable, Keep extras on hand and replace as needed
  • OEM #242 Ciclone

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