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Air Cleaner, PureAir Fridge Greentech: GT-81817


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Greentech: GT-81817

Air Cleaner, PureAir Fridge Greentech


GreenTech’s pureAir Fridge purifies and sanitizes the air and surfaces inside your refrigerator, allowing a healthier, fresher environment for your fresh fruits and vegetables. Using ionization and ozone technology, pureAir Fridge destroys bacteria such as E-coli and Staphylococcus and neutralizes pesticides. Produce stays fresher longer because pureAir Fridge reduces ethylene gas from decaying food. Foul food odors are eliminated and your fridge will smell fresh every time you open the door. NOTE: pureAir Fridge¬†CAN¬†be sold in the state of California.

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